“Mysterious ‘Art Ninja’ Reveals Cartooning Secrets Almost Any Kid
Can Use To Create Amazing Cartoons Quickly And Easily…”
Use my simple, powerful, “art ninja” tips and tricks to create
awe-inspiring cartoons that will astonish your friends and family!

FACT: 99.6% of all children will be shown a variety of ART.
Whether they continue to explore their 'inner artist' will be based on these early experiences.
They will either embrace their creativity or be afraid of it.
- Michael Voogd “The Art Ninja”

Hi, my name is Michael Voogd and I'm the "mysterious art ninja”! Let me tell you a quick but fascinating story about a boy named Aiden…

Like most 7-year-old boys, Aiden has lots of energy and imagination. But giving him the attention he demands is exhausting for his parents and teachers.

Recognizing his story-telling talent, Aiden’s parents buy him a sketchbook full of empty pages. They tell their son that this “special book” is meant to be filled with all of Aiden’s ideas, and the colorful characters he creates with his imagination!

Aiden enthusiastically and quietly spends hour after hour drawing and coloring into the blank pages of his sketchbook. With this much focus, his parents think it would be a great idea to enroll him in drawing classes to refine his skills and provide some structure.

On the first day of class, Aiden restlessly sits in his chair eager to draw dragons, aliens, and superheroes! Instead, he’s welcomed by a soft-spoken woman who instructs him to draw a lifeless bowl of plastic fruit that she places in front of him. The following week Aiden is asked to draw boxes… then balls… and a bundle of sticks... YES, STICKS! His parents quickly notice that he isn’t filling his sketchbook with fun ideas anymore. So they decide to "attend" a different kind of art school…

When Aiden attends this ONLINE art class, a smiling, highly energized teacher who draws CARTOONS for a living greets him! (That’s ME!) I teach Aiden in the first FREE video lesson how to Draw 3 Simple Lines that will bring his characters TO LIFE! This is EXACTLY what Aiden needs! A class that is FUN and stimulates his creativity without the distractions of a real classroom! So with eager eyes and a silly smile, Aiden opens up his sketchbook and begins drawing again!

Over the next 2 months Aiden’s sketchbook is filled with expressive characters of many shapes and sizes, each with their own story. Drawing becomes a great motivator for Aiden. Now he anxiously comes home after school to get his homework done just so he can get back to drawing in his sketchbook!

(And Aiden’s mom doesn't mind either. While her son is drawing, she has time to get stuff done around the house with some peace and quiet too!)

In the following 8-weeks of online art lessons, Aiden learns PAINTING, to create colorful backgrounds for his characters. In the third semester he’s taught SCULPTING, to mold his characters into clay models. And FINALLY during the last 60 days of the online course, I share with him the SECRET to bringing his characters to life... ANIMATION! Through these classes, Aiden is able to redirect his energy into the CREATIVE ARTS, becoming a well-rounded artist in drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, acting, animation and illustration!

Today’s children live in a world of confusion. They’re over-stimulated with video games, social media, and unhealthy distractions around every corner. Our fast-paced society doesn’t allow them the time OR attention to explore their unique gifts, interests, and talents. How can they discover who they want to be with all of this information overload?

I believe all children are born with the capacity for brilliance. It is our job to help them discover, nurture, and sustain the passion that leads a child to reaching their fullest potential.

Like Aiden, I knew at a very early age that I was born to draw. I felt inspired to copy the characters I saw in the Saturday morning cartoons or the colorful comic strips in the Sunday newspaper. My favorite projects in elementary school were ALWAYS the ones that required us to draw something. I just loved to CREATE! But I needed guidance, and so does your child.

You see, I’m also a father. And as parents, we recognize the unique brilliance in our own children. Having been a student, I have now become a teacher. I recall my struggles and frustrations as an artist. But I also remember rejoicing in the moments when all the lessons made sense. And these “tips and tricks” inspired me to create my own online drawing courses to teach you and your child the secrets that I’ve learned over the last 25 years.

By providing an environment of direction and individualized learning, the courses at explore many different skill sets in the wonderful world of art that will graduate thinkers, creators, artists, architects, entrepreneurs, writers, and teachers. There’s an unlimited range of possibilities!

Can anyone learn to draw? Yes... to a point. But if you want to be an ArtNinja, then you’re going to need the SECRET TRAINING found only here at!

What is NinjaToons? is an online creative curriculum that teaches your child how to draw from the comfort and convenience of your own home. This Secret Online Art Training Program is as rare as finding... well, a NINJA. But guess what? Your child will actually be taught by a ninja…(ME!) Not only do I have a College Degree in Art, I’m also a Black Belt in the Art of Ninjutsu. So I really am an ArtNinja! ☺

At your child will become the Ultimate Artist by earning their own ArtNinja Black Belt! My “system” is a well-rounded creative art program where your child will master the 9 Families of Creativity: 1) Drawing 2) Painting 3) Sculpting 4) Animation 5) Acting 6) Caricature 7) Comic Strips 8) Writing and 9) Illustration.

Becoming an ArtNinja

Students begin their exciting online quest to become an ArtNinja by entering The Drawing Dojo (Dojo means “school”). In this virtual training hall they will master the creative techniques found in the natural elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. After demonstrating competence and confidence by emailing back their creative assignments, the student will receive a virtual colored belt for that level, moving one step closer to earning their ArtNinja Black Belt!

Basic Training begins with the fundamental DRAWING skills found in the Earth element. Here students will gain a “rock-solid” foundation that will advance them confidently through the higher levels. (Drawing Techniques include Lines, Shapes, Volume, Perspective, and Form.)

Students make a “splash” in the Water element by PAINTING with watercolors. Learning color and composition, they’ll add beauty and movement to their drawings just like waves in the ocean! (Painting Techniques explore primary, monochromatic and analogous color palates.)

A student’s skills “heat up” in the Fire Element as they learn SCULPTING to mold 3-D art. Clay models, called “Maquettes” will be created from the characters they designed in Earth/Water. (Sculpting Techniques will require the mastery of new tools and materials.)

Like a breath of air, students will be “blown away” bringing their drawings to life in the Wind Element. Through WRITING and ACTING techniques, they’ll create their own Comic Strips and Flip Books. (ANIMATION Principles include Squash and Stretch, Anticipation, Follow-Through and Staging.)

With all the skills and knowledge the student now possesses, they have the ability to draw anything! This “freedom” in the Void Element offers a broader spectrum of creative possibilities. Anatomy, Proportions, Exaggeration and ILLUSTRATION will be learned to draw Portraits and Caricatures.

Much More Exciting Than Drawing Tin Foil!
(YES, this was one of my assignments in High School drawing class.)

Most art programs focus on teaching fine art. But at we focus on teaching FUN ART, and that’s why we are such a big hit with kids!

"3 Simple Lines" Will Change Your Child's Life Forever!
(and it will change your life too)

And NO, I’m not talking about drawing stick figures.☺ Ironically, do you know how often I hear parents tell me, “I can’t even draw a stick figure!” Well, it’s ALMOST that easy. I've helped hundreds of kids be more creative, confident and capable of drawing anything, even when they never thought they could do it. Give me just 15-minutes and I’ll reveal to you in the very first lesson, the secrets of drawing ANYTHING using just 3 Simple Lines... it's magical and it’s free!

Your Child’s Character Development

Children love to CREATE! We naturally want to do things that bring us pleasure and joy. And when students have FUN drawing, they want to DRAW MORE! Creating this experience with fun projects will give your child these lifelong GIFTS:

  • FOCUS- Every week will email you creative assignments to complete with your child that are fun, yet challenging.
  • CONFIDENCE- With each step in their training, your child will gain more confidence in their abilities to complete any art assignment at school or at home.
  • FUN- Don’t be surprised if your child won’t stop smiling and talking about drawing!

A Hidden Benefit for Parents

Have you ever wanted to learn to draw? Now you can learn to draw with your child! Imagine sitting down together in a creative space in your home and logging onto to watch the next exciting art lesson! Then experience the peace and joy of being a kid again as you use pencils, crayons, paints, and clay to create art projects with your child! This is quality time together and it is priceless!

You Won’t Even Hear Them Drawing

Admit it, there are days when parents need a break. (Even if it’s just to catch up on daily chores.) For our young artists, drawing is meditative and they can spend hours at their desk working harmoniously on their assignments. Don’t believe me? I was that child, and yours will be too. While they are quietly creating cartoons and comic strips in their room, you can use this time to get some much-needed things crossed off your “To-Do List”, or just enjoy the peace and quiet for a few hours at a time! ☺

SLASH! Time, Money and Stress from your Schedule

Your child can safely "attend" all of our classes from the comfort of home while experiencing the thrill of a live class with other children. Never be late to a lesson again! SAVE YOURSELF:
TIME- Shuttling our kids back and forth to lessons can easily take 30 minutes each way. Save yourself hours per month in preparation, packing, and transporting them to class (in traffic)!
MONEY- Live group classes with the ArtNinja start at $25/week. (Not to mention the cost of gas.) That’s over $100 per month! Save yourself money with an 80% SAVINGS!!!
STRESS- Managing all your activities can be a headache. Save your sanity by completing the lessons in the privacy of your own home. Your peace of mind is PRICELESS!

They’ve seen the ArtNinja and LOVE to tell about it!

“…you were prepared, delivered what you said you would, engaged with each child, shared your positive outlook/spin on things. You have a gift of teaching and inspiring children!” 
-Stacey C.

“What a wonderful day at the zoo with friends and what a special opportunity to be there all day with Michael Voogd, who has such a tremendous way with the kids. I loved watching all the kids' focus and interest in the animals and their drawings.” 
-Jenny M.

“THANK YOU for a wonderful day at the zoo with a wonderful drawing teacher! We had a great time and are accepting the '10,000 drawing to be an expert' challenge!” 
-Faith and Julie W.

“We all had a great day at the zoo and love Michael. Thanks for finding him (Michael). The zoo was an awesome place for the kids to draw- such a great idea!” 
-Amy, Cale and Maddie

“It was a beautiful day at the zoo and my kids enjoyed the drawing instruction with Mr. Voogd as well as seeing the animals!!” 
-With much appreciation,
Sue, Allison, Benji, and Lucas

FREE “Drawing at the Zoo with NinjaToons” Field Guide!

CLICK the "SUBSCRIBE" Button below and have your child take the FIRST FREE LESSON: The Secret to Drawing ANYTHING with 3 Simple Lines following your Credit Card submission. You’ll also receive the "Drawing at the Zoo with NinjaToons" manual absolutely FREE just for registering today risk-free. Then after seeing the value in the lessons, continue with the next lesson, and all future training for ONLY $19.95/mo. Compare this to the $100/mo you’d spend for a LIVE group class. I’m SLASHING your spending by offering this 80% SAVINGS!

The ArtNinja Basic Membership

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As an ADDED BONUS, you’ll be mailed a NinjaToons Toolkit with ALL THE SUPPLIES you’ll need to get started!
Included in the NinjaToons Toolkit:
• 100-page Sketchbook to complete your assignments
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• 2 Blue Sketching Pencils and 2 Black Clean-Up Pencils
• 1 Pencil Sharpener
• 1 White Eraser
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• 12-Colored Pencils
• Set of Watercolors with Paintbrush
• AWESOME ArtNinja Drawstring Backpack to keep ALL your tools together!

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I take my teaching, and your child’s training VERY SERIOUSLY. Which is why I’m coming out of the shadows to reveal this SPECIAL ONLINE OFFER.

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I’ll quickly reply without hesitation, confirming that your monthly membership has been cancelled, and no further charges will be collected. (It would be as if you never even saw me.) AND you still get to KEEP the “Drawing at the Zoo with NinjaToons” Field Guide along with the NinjaToons Toolkit just for starting the training!

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The ArtNinja Elite Membership

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The ArtNinja Elite Membership Includes:
• All the benefits of the Basic Training Membership:

  • A monthly video lesson delivered to your email
  • Weekly Lessons and Activity Pages for your child to practice throughout month
  • And a subscription to our Monthly Newsletter
  • PLUS...

• All the benefits of the ArtNinja Super-Star Membership:

  • A Parent/Teacher Training Guide to help break down the lessons
  • Audio Art Messages- Motivational Podcasts from the ArtNinja
  • An “I’m an ArtNinja Star” T-Shirt
  • PLUS…
• The NinjaToons Toolkit, which includes:

  • A 100 page Sketchbook to complete your assignments
  • A Composition Book to write down your ideas
  • 2 Blue Sketching Pencils and 2 Black Clean-Up Pencils
  • 1 Pencil Sharpener
  • 1 White Eraser
  • 1 Thick/Thin Double Sided Sharpie Marker
  • 12-Colored Pencils
  • Set of Watercolors with Paintbrush
  • AND an ArtNinja Drawstring Backpack to keep ALL your tools together!
  • PLUS...

• A 30-minute Q & A session once a month to receive personalized tips from the ArtNinja!
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Back in the Shadows

Because this is a PRIVATE and PERSONALIZED MENTORSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM, it is only being offered to 50 students per year. The ArtNinja wants to know who is committed, so this SPECIAL DISCOUNT will only be available within 24-hours of watching your FIRST FREE LESSON: The Secrets to Drawing ANYTHING with 3 Simple Lines.

REGISTER your child for the ArtNinja Elite Membership within 24-hours of watching your first FREE video lesson and receive a LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT of ONLY $99.95/mo! (A $249.95/mo value)

Home is where the ART is.

Just like the Art Lessons, I make getting started EASY. CLICK the "SUBSCRIBE" BUTTON to register for your FREE 1-Week Training with a credit card submission. After completing all the secure information, I will instantly email you the FIRST FREE LESSON: The Secret to Drawing ANYTHING with 3 Simple Lines, a Drawing at the Zoo Field Guide, PLUS a NinjaToons Toolkit with all your supplies to get started!

P.S. This is the beginning of your child’s creative journey to explore their PASSION. Remember that is a well rounded creative art program to explore:

The 9 Families of Creativity
1) Drawing 2) Painting 3) Sculpting 4) Writing 5) Acting 
6) Animation 7) Comic Books 8) Illustration and 9) Caricature

For your child to receive training in all these areas would require you to register them at 9 different schools. There is NO OTHER art program like this found in one location. Allow your child to EXPERIENCE the first week FREE to determine their call to brilliance. Unleash their IMAGINATION and CREATIVE POTENTIAL in this one of a kind art program!

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