NinjaToons Birthday Celebrations
It's all about the kids.

Birthday Parties. A special day that only comes once a year, and as parents we want to make that day as memorable as possible for our kids.
Parents spend a small fortune reserving the "House of Cheese", Moon Bounces, and Jolly Jumpers. But have you ever had a professional cartoonist (and ninja) host your child's party making 2-hours seem like 20 minutes?

Reserve the Date!
 Date of Party*

The ArtNinja (AKA Michael Voogd) will entertain your next event in the Drawing Dojo, making it all about the kids. (And trust me parents, you'll love it too as you sit back and relax as your child and their guests are entertained with fun activities, games and drawing lessons of their favorite cartoon characters.)

Package includes 2-hours of entertainment and up to 20 guests:

  • Custom Caricature Cake and Framed Print
  • Step-By-Step Drawing Lesson of Party-Themed Character
  • ArtNinja Games
  • 2 Cheese/Pepperoni Pizzas
  • Water and/or Juice
  • Gift Bags

Creative Planning

Every party is creatively customized to your child's interests. Games and activities match the theme of their party, making every event unique and memorable! Call or e-mail us to set up a planning session.

Questions for the ArtNinja?
(805) 768-4503

* Reserved dates are subject to availability. The ArtNinja will make every effort to accommodate your dates and time requests. A 2-hour minimum is required for booking reservations.